Beautiful, Dazzling Cloaks and Robes

Now Boldhomians can adventure anywhere, while retaining that good taste that our fashion-conscious citizens are so well renowned for!

To get information on renaming an already existing item in your inventory, just send your request in mail to your favorite Deity. They would be glad to oblige, for a fee of course!

We offer you the most luxurious fabrics, from silk to satin, leather to fur, wood to iron. We can cover many current trends, including robes, cloaks, tunics, uniforms, gowns, and most other trappings you can come up with. Clothes can be functional or fashionable - you chose!

The one exception to the rule are Seers, they may order a brand new armour (AC 1 only) from a Deity, the quality of the garment material and number of hits will of course affect the price of this item. All these details should be negotiated with the Deity of your choice.


Introducing Fine Living from the Boldhome Realty Company

The prestigious and wealthy Boldhome Realty Company offers a wide variety of homes and castles for the nouveau-riche. Whether you wish to be situated in the downtown core of the Boldhome metropolis, in the quiet and peaceful suburban regions, or 'way out in the boondocks, BRC can provide you with your new home! There are, of course, many models from which to chose. We have anything from your very basic 2-room bungalow to large size sprawling castles.

Land acquisition cost vary, depending on your preferred locale. One must remember, naturally, that historically land is the only asset that appreciates with time (aside from wine).

For those adventurers who are always on the go, we have our two-room, slightly cramped but well built bungalow. These can, of course, be expanded at a slight additional fee. And for those with money simply floating out their nostrils, we can build a simply massive castle, complete with pinnacles, towers, dungeons, and battlements.

During the course of your undoubtedly long and prosperous stay in your new home, you will find the need to keep undesirables out of your private kingdom. Our fine quality imported locks range from level 1 to level 10 in difficulty so that you can chose your own level of protection! And you will require one or more doors on your estate. These range from 5 to 500 pounds. Naturally, a heavier door will do wonders to impress your friends and enemies alike.

Should the ramifications of a strong lock and a good door not be adequate, you will need to invest a small portion of your sizable income in a trap. We have everything from your level 1 basic spring-loaded cleaver trap (to lop those sticky little lower class fingers off (washable doormat included)) to our level 20 traps (disembowelment, followed by a sharpened poisoned tree-trunk through the head, and the body is flung out of your neighborhood and into the conveniently-positioned acid bath.) Guaranteed not to splatter on your new home! All traps do 5 times their level in damage. Naturally, spare keys are extra.


Deities that also do part time real estate duties:

Zayna, Xia, Nyx, Oberon, Melkor, Nevermore, Hearne and Athena. You can send mail to any of the afore mentioned deities, you will of course require blueprints of your design and descriptions of your individual rooms.


MELKOR, The Dark One

Chest Maker Extra-ordinaire

Every size of chest! Big, small, heavy, light, color & monogrammed!

You name it, he'll make it! Quality chests, at negotiable prices. Hand crafted, high quality chests of all types. Ideally suited to store all those precious items you just have to keep! Chests can be made as sturdy as you like! Buy yourself a heavy chest to keep those muscular guys out, or a light one for taking with you.

Lock it up, with our fine quality locks! Anything from a level 1 lock, right up to our deluxe model level 10 lock.

Traps! A must! If Ninjae flub up picking your lock, give them a surprise they won't forget. We have darts, blades, poison, and many others. Go from our "gotcha!" level 1 traps, right up to the "D.O.A" level 10 traps! (Rumour has it that it might be possible to purchase a higher level trap but we suspect that this is in fact only a nasty rumour started by the Thieves Guild.) All traps do 5 times their level in damage when triggered.

And of course, you need keys! Order a spare set for the wife and kids.

All new accounts get 3 free generic chests with your account name engraved right into the material, this way if it is ever missplaced or stolen it is easily identifiable as yours. You can get your chests by sending your request in MAIL to Melkor. For an added fee it is possible for him to alter your chests! He also does bags, crates, barrels, kegs, boxes, and any other container you can think of.

Need an overhaul? No problems! Melkor can even retro-fit your crate with new locks, traps and other goodies. But hey, he only fixes his own work!

Remember: to process your orders as quickly as possible, you have to tell Melkor everything about your crate - from weight to monogramming.

Send your request to SEND MELKOR in MAIL.

NOTE: Do not place items in a chest while you are carrying the chest in an update, or when you quit. Any items in chests will be lost this way!

All requests should be sent by MAIL to the deity of your choice, except for CHESTS requests, which should be sent to Melkor. Prices for work can vary from deity to deity so be sure that you get a few estimates. Double orders should be avoided, the combined thunder and lighting ensued would probally result in your demise.

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