A Listing Of All Known Spells:

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All intelligence requirements and spell restrictions apply only to the actual casting of a spell using internal magic, and not to the use of a magical device that contains the spell.

Approximately the same restrictions that apply to spells also apply to the reading of scrolls.

The Magic-User Level base field show the level a magic user must be in order to cast the spell. The chart below shows how many levels above (+) or below a magic user another character class must be in order to cast the same spell:


Mu-level base

Seer -1
Magic-User 0
Cleric +1
Fighter +4

Spell Range refers to the number of sectors that can separate the caster and the target.

The words "Limited Spell" appearing in the Notes category signifies that the spell can only be cast a limited number of times per day. Players can cast up to their level (to a maximum of 15) of limited spells per day, in any mixture.


Befuddle S,MU,C,P,N4140-212
CurepoisonAll111 0-25
DisintegrateS,MU517 0-216*
VigorAll012 0-23

* indicates a limited spell



Description: This spell creates a sprite which seeks out a monster and causes it to follow it back to the caster. One monster will appear; usually (but NOT ALWAYS) one common to the area. This spell does not prevent monsters from showing up normally, and takes some time to cast, so care should be taken when using it.


Description: This spell causes the target to pause for a few moments, as if it's just been hit between the eyes with a large rock or has just been asked to calculate all prime numbers between 1 and 14,365. When in it's befuddled state, the target can be pounded with reckless abandon - but take care, because it WILL snap out of it in a few rounds.


Description: This spell is used to rid the body of poison, either from a poisonous monster (slavering putrid infective pestilence injected by some hideous cankerous beastie) or by accidentally triggering a trap (ten-inch razor-sharp metal shaft penetrating deep into the body to inject it's fast-acting venom). Anyhow, assuming you've managed to get poisoned, this spell will quickly and with 100% efficiency remove all poison from the target's bloodstream.

Notes : - Poison in Goth is of the fast-acting variety, so the casting of a Curepoison spell or the finding of someone who can do it for you is of prime importance once you get the heart-stopping message, "You feel the poison coursing through your veins!" (or, if you are in Brief mode: "Poison weakens you!").


Description: The Disintegrate spell causes a sphere of matter to disappear from this plane of existance. The location of the sphere is determined by the spellcaster, and is unfortunately difficult to control. As such, this spell has a large range of damage that it can do, depending on how much of the target is actually inside the sphere of matter that is disintegrated. It is a very powerful spell.

Notes: - Limited spell.


Description: This spell is commonly used to enchant nonmagical weapons. Once enchanted, the word "magic" will appear before the weapon name. Weapons must be enchanted in order to strike monsters with magical auras. This spell can also be used to enchant shields and armor, but there are no special uses for enchanted armor or shields.

Notes: - Limited spell.


Description: The Fireball spell, when cast, produces a sphere of fiery material, which the caster can launch at a target monster.

Notes: - As can be seen from Spell Range, this is a good, general purpose combat spell, which will work through all sectors of a room. It is capable of a decent amount of damage, as well.


Description: The Flame Talon is a truly impressive spell, if you have an active imagination. The caster of this spell positions himself in front of attacking monsters, and utters the command phrase. Immediately upon doing so, individual streaks of flame shoot forth from the caster's fingertips, streaking towards the target monsters (one per monster). This is the only spell that can affect more than one monster at a time.

Caution must be taken when using this spell, however, as it attacks ALL monsters within range, both hostile and passive. It is possible, after using this spell, to have every monster in the room turn and attack the caster.

Notes: - Limited spell.


Description: The Frostblast spell causes a spear of cold energy to shoot from the caster's fingertips to the object of the casting, causing damage due to freezing in the victim.

Notes: - Scrolls for this spell are rare, but the spell itself is a minor combat spell. It is not as tiring to cast as a Fireball, and does damage intermediate between Fireball and Hurt.


Description: The cleric who casts this spell has the ability to physically mend torn flesh and repair cuts, gouges, and even severed limbs! The casting of the spell will do all the above, and raise the target's vitality level.


Description: Through the use of the Hurt spell, the caster is able to use his mind to reach inside the target's body and wrench at a muscle or organ. These psychic pincers inflict damage upon monsters at short and medium ranges.

Notes: - Does less damage than a Fireball spell, but also requires less magical points to use.


Description: The intoxicate spell makes the target player drunk. The player will stagger randomly around the landscape, unable to perform any complicated action, until the effects of the spell wear off. This spell will normally be found away to cast it directly onto unsuspecting targets.


Description: To invoke a lightning spell, the caster summons a great deal of electrical power in a metal rod, held between outstretched hands. To launch the lightning bolt, the caster breaks the connection between his hands, and points the metal rod at his target. The electrical discharge from the rod then leaps across the space between the caster and target.

Notes: - This spell can be used at all ranges except for cases in which the monster occupies your sector. As such it is best suited as a mid- to long-range spell.


Description: The Passdoor spell can be used by mages to bypass doors that they cannot otherwise have opened (through lockpicking or smashing). The chant for the Passdoor spell, however, has been lost for many years and never regained.

Notes : - Will not work on magical doors.


Description: The Premonition spell allows the caster to sense what lies beyond a door or other portal. This spell is never 100% accurate, but will normally provide a good indication as to whether there is actual danger behind the door. The class that has the best chance of successfully casting this spell is the Seer class, followed by Ninjas, Clerics and Magic-Users, with all other classes having the lowest chance of having an accurate premonition.

Notes: - Regardless of intelligence, there is always a 5% chance of getting an inaccurate premonition. - If a Seer casts this spell successfully, it will reveal to the Seer the number of monsters in the next room, their levels and their hostility.


Description: This spell will lower (i.e. better) the armor class of the caster by a factor of one. It can be used to lower the basic armor class of the caster (only) up to 2 levels (i.e. can be cast up to two time on an unprotected caster with some effect. Thereafter the spell has no effect). Whenever the spell is cast, whatever armor and shield the caster is wearing will be removed, and must be reused to be effective.

Notes : - Absolutely necessary for Mages who can only use +1 armor and +1 shields.


Description: When cast, this spell will push the targeted monster away from the edge sectors for a room. When cast at ML it will push a monster to MM.

Notes: - This spell will not work on magic resistant monsters.


Description: This spell allows the target to recover immediately from the effects of a fumble, stumble or befuddle.


Description: Certain monsters are known as "slow reacting" monsters. These monsters are not as violent as those who attack immediately on sight, and thus are susceptible to the mage who can soothe the savage beast. Use of the Tame spell on a slowreact monster will cause it to once again become nonhostile, but only for a few minutes. Note that it is impossible to tame a monster that has already been damaged.

Notes: - The effects of this spell are similar to the TAME ability of Paladins, but more limited.


Description: A rare spell indeed, magical devices that will teleport are few and far between. This spell acts as more of a 'recall' than a random teleporting, and is best used when the caster is in a truly dangerous position and wishes with all his/her heart to be back in the streets of Boldhome.

Notes: - Limited spell.


Description: This spell may be cast upon an object or a monster. When cast upon an object it will transform the object into one of several other objects. If it is cast upon a monster, the monster will be transformed into another monster, of any kind found in Goth. Occasionally the monster will be transformed into an object, instead.


Description: Upon chanting the incantation, the caster delivers to his target a boost of adrenalin that raises the target's fatigue level. Mages and Clerics boost fatigue higher than all other classes, when casting on themselves or others. Paladins cast for more fatigue than other fighters, but only when casting on themselves (not on other players).

Notes: - Can be cast by Paladins at any armour class, but only when casting on themselves. A Paladin casts vigor on other players exactly as would a fighter.

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