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Thousands of years ago, rulers of the ancient Empire of Goth established Boldhome as an outpost on the Western edge of their lands. The city, far from the intrigues and schemes of the capitol of Goth, quickly became popular with the ruling nobility as a vacation resort or summer home. So secure from national turmoil was this city that the empire's most precious treasure, the mighty Scimitar, was secreted away here, while an imitation took its place in the Emperor's hand. The Scimitar of Goth was not merely a priceless trinket, however. Legends associated great magical powers of wisdom and protection with the glittering wand.

Whether it was the removal of this warding magic or merely coincidence, no one may ever know, but soon after the Scimitar was ensconced in the vaults of the Governor's Manse, the Emperor was overthrown by his enemies in court, and the Empire of Goth began a rapid decline to oblivion.

Boldhome prospered after quickly losing contact with the old empire. Resources on the frontier were plentiful, and enemies of the city were few. Those men and creatures that did connive to overthrow the city were quickly and easily turned back by Boldhome's valiant fighters. Eventually, however, it was division within the city that brought about strife. Political factions seeking power had discovered the presence of the Scimitar, and demanded it be turned over to the people. The rulers objected, insisting that it be kept safe from theft and harm. A civil war soon developed between the nobility and the middle and lower classes.

In the midst of the battles, a wizard seeking to wrest the Scimitar from the grasp of the nobles called upon the mightiest demon he could control: a flaming beast of chaos and good called the Phoenix. Sent to retrieve the Scimitar from the nobles, it was soon discovered that the beast had a purpose of her own!

"This is no mere trinket to be squabbled over," the flaming beast cried across the hushed battlefield. "The Scimitar is a manifestation of the powers of magic and good in this plane, a linchpin of the world. Therefore, I shall remove it to a safe place and keep it from harm." So saying, the Phoenix soared away, her light visible for leagues as she flew East to the mountains.

During the half-millennia since that day, Boldhome has known peace; the peace of prosperity some say, while others claim the peace of the grave. Her enemies press more closely on her borders but do not yet attack. The crops grow more stubbornly. Magicians complain that their magic weakens and fluctuates with every passing day, as they labour with the Stonemasons to build a Great Wall of impenetrable stone to protect a city newly fearful of attack.

Is Boldhome dwindling? Are the powers of life and magic fading without the protection of the Scimitar? Adventurers who survived have told of armies issuing forth from fortress mountains of black obsidian, of cities which vanish without a trace, and of forests of evil creatures. The threat to the world increases the longer the Scimitar of Goth is absent from its sanctuary. Soon it may be too late! Will some hero arise to save the lands of Goth? Will some mage divine the Mountain of the Phoenix? Will some great Cleric call upon the Gods for aid in restoring the Scimitar to it's rightful owner? Will a daring Ninja slip it from behind the Phoenix' watchful eye?

Will YOU save the Lands of Goth?



The game of Scimitar is largely based along the lines of Dungeons & Dragons. Similar to Dungeons & Dragons, your goals in Scimitar are to attain higher levels of expertise in your field, participate in quests to rid Boldhome of evil, and most importantly, to have fun.

To reach higher levels, you need to gain experience points, and pay your guild to train you. To find out how much experience you need before you can train, use the EXPERIENCE command in Scimitar. When your experience equals 0 (zero), you are ready to increase your level.

You can gain experience by:

The cost of training for your level (in shillings) is equal to half of the experience points you needed to gain that level.

You can increase your wealth by: